Mrs. Duffee Seated on a Striped Sofa, Reading

Mrs. Duffee Seated on a Striped Sofa, Reading
Mary Cassatt, 1876

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Winter/Spring Update!

Since I remember I have a blog only about every six months, I suppose it's time for my bi-annual update! Here are some of the events that took place since I blogged last:
• I started a knitting club at school in August. It's open to students and faculty and we have about 20 members who come on a regular basis.
• Brian's third nephew, Isaac Brendan Schenck, was born in November. His middle name is after Brian's mom, Brenda. We got to see him and his proud big brothers at Christmastime.
• Julie Willis' second baby was also born in November. A little girl named Bryn. Beautiful name, Jules.
• I passed my MA exam and graduated with a Master's in Literature in December! I've vowed, in all seriousness, never to go back to school. One Doctor is enough for my family!
• I worked with a student teacher fall semester, Shiloh Nichols, who made my life so much easier by taking two of my five English classes. She was such a blessing and became a good friend. I miss her dearly this semester!
• My third nephew, Maxwell Francis Wilson, was born in Colorado Springs on December 12. He is a perfect combination of his older brothers, Jack and Oscar, except for his blue eyes. Neither Dave nor Hayley have blue eyes, so we attribute them to Grandpas Wilson and Rohr.
• April and Josh got married on January 3rd at Trinity Methodist Church in Denver. Their reception was held at The Brown Palace. It was a magical evening, a magical week really. We were blessed to have family and friends travel from near and far to attend the wedding and festivities. April and Josh are currently living in Cherry Creek, and are planning to move to Dallas in the fall.
• I got a Brothers sewing machine for Christmas. I've been having fun sewing blankets and throw pillows for friends.
• Brian remains the center of my world. He travels occasionally for work and still enjoys my cooking.
• We enjoyed seeing some of Brian's coworkers and their kids in January. Since he is the only rep in Colorado, he rarely sees his coworkers.
• I'm currently teaching night school, and have vowed (yes, another vow) never to teach night school ever again.
• My friends Tricia and Reenie are pregnant! Tricia is due in March, and Reenie is due in April.
• I'm in a prayer group that meets weekly, and I have really reaped the benefits of regularly coming before God. I believe that prayer changes things, affects things, maybe more than we even know.

I really do want to be a better blogger, and I promise to try harder this spring! It's just so hard to come up with subjects when you don't have a baby. And a dachshund doesn't quite count :)

Thursday, August 21, 2008

A busy summer

As a new school year begins and another summer comes to an end, I thought now would be an appropriate time to reflect on (or at least list) some of the events of the past few months. I created this blog about four months ago, and have yet to make another post until now, so there is quite a bit to get caught up on!
Some fun things that we did this summer:
• attended Brian's friend Nikki's wedding in Prescott, Arizona
• drove to Austin to celebrate the Fourth of July with Brian's friends, Scott and Katie
• met Colleen and Olivier's new baby girl, Elodie Claire Currat, and got to spend some time with Colleen
• meanwhile I taught summer school
• traveled to Fort Worth to go to Brian's friend Mitchell's wedding to Katie. Brian was the best man
• spent time with Brian's family while we were in Texas
• three days later I flew to Las Vegas with Jenny and Kelly, two friends I teach with, for a girls' weekend. I learned to love Blackjack

Some momentous events that took place this summer:
• April and Josh got engaged! Their wedding will be January 3rd
• we learned that Hayley is pregnant with their third baby, due in December. Ondrea (Brian's sister) is also pregnant with their third baby, a boy, due in November
• lost my Chanel sunglasses at a wedding, discovered the Chanel sunglasses were stolen because they were returned! after being worn! and stretched out! but, at least I got them back
• Ter got married to Jeff Schurz. We met her step-son, Cade, and spent some time with them at Dave and Buster's
• I had my ten year high school reunion! It's crazy, but the consensus was that everyone looks better ten years later... except some of the guys!
• I began studying for my MA exam, which is in November. Look at the list of what I'm currently reading (if you care to!). Luckily, I'm sure it will fly by

Friday, April 25, 2008

Look what I did at work today . . .

I was very productive at work today. Don't tell anyone, but instead of grading papers I created a blog! It'll be our little secret.